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The architectural expression is inspired by the luxury in the form of a “jewel” concept, which takes shape by carving facets in such a way that makes the block look more dynamic. The project also aims to provide a “green” approach through the eco-sustainable strategies in many design aspects. Many open spaces in Q2 THAO DIEN provide a network of natural environments for residents and guests to relax and socialise.


Each residence features a light and sophisticated palette with the highest quality timber and stone in new classic moulding. With open terraces, Q2 Thao Dien Villas are reflecting high quality through impeccable finishing, elegant classic designs and prime amenities. Floor-to-ceiling windows will bathe your villa in natural light while a high-ceiling foyer will leave you with a sense of grandeur and luxury every time you step into your home.

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All townhouses are the pinnacle of modern Asian style living. These luxurious, contemporary townhouses are cleverly designed to make the most of the light and spacious interiors. Inside each of these individual properties you’ll discover large open living spaces, stylish kitchens and beautiful bathrooms, as well as fantastic outdoor spaces.

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Our 1,2,3 bedroom apartments are thoughtfully designed to ensure cosy and comfortable living for singles and families. Each apartment is designed to maximize natural lighting. Light, bright are just some of the terms that can be used to describe these chic apartments.

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The apartments come equipped with a wet and dry kitchen and are fully filled with the finest marble flooring and quality accessories. Furthermore, there are private lifts that lead up to our premium units, ensuring exclusivity and privacy for the residents. Residents of 4-bedroom units enjoy unblocked views of the river from the living and dining area as well as an extended 8.8m balcony. All bedrooms open to a picturesque view of the sky, river and the green of Thanh Da Island.

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Live a life extraordinary at Q2 THAO DIEN’s Duplex. Your luxurious Duplex allows for creative space planning that reflects the home of your dreams - be it a private gallery where the sun washes over stunning art pieces, or a magical space where your family can live, laugh, and play together.

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